How Our Creations Change Us via Jason Silva

Jason Silva looks at ontological design and the degree to which our environment molds and shapes us; how what we create, and the things we bring into this world, then turn around and change who we are, "We build tools, and then they build us."

“Everything we design, is designing us back. We, from inside out, are designed by that which we have designed.”
“These feedback loops are where mind emerges. And it turns out, that mind, that really subjectivity, who we are as life beings in the world, exists in that feedback loop.”
“Everything we are, is emerging, is unfolding, is being created, by the active engagement between the mind and world and the feedback loops they are in.”
— Jason Silva

Read in more detail about ontological design in Anne-Marie Willis' academic paper, Ontological Designing-- laying the ground

Posted on January 25, 2015 .