On Self-Discovery

By Dhanya Addanki

Is there a fear of being seen? Or of being seen as we are? When we finally begin to figure out exactly who we are, the knowledge can be overwhelming, blinding even.

Self-discovery can be daunting when we hear so many things about who we are/ who we should be from so many others. We can gain new insights into ourselves from others, but it is crucial to remember that sometimes, others define who we are from their perspective, and in turn, tell us who we are to them. That is why it is important to know ourselves.

It is the art of listening critically to what other's say, but also having a deep sense of self; enough to know what is you and what is being defined as you.  It is the art of defining our own darkness and our own light and balancing the two together. This, to me, is a huge part of seeing; both seeing ourselves and the world around us. 

“It oppresses them to realize that they have been visible to people all along, perhaps unattractively so, without their knowledge or consent.”
— Annie Dillard
Posted on March 10, 2015 .