Our Adventures Have Tails

We want to come full circle, become
whole, reawaken to something bigger, greater,
deeper—because this just can't be it.

We search for definitions. Closure. Completion. "New Beginnings."

We make sense in these circles and chapters, in these narratives
of our lives. We run for clarity, and think, "Then I will know. Then
I will understand the big picture—that which is my life."

And we clutch,
clench, and cling
to this pursuit of what we knew—what we know. 

Our adventures have tails. 

They are long—
winded, winding—blowing around, wrapping others in, and

I twirl my tail, my long golden curls.
I lay in the waves for a constant. The tide turns
over in my belly and I say to the waves, 

"Here now, come. I will listen."

And I can always trust the waves to bring me exactly what I need,
even when I can't ask the right question.

I'm under water. I'm looking up, down. 
The white water rips through me and I pause.
I look up and smile. 

"This is real!"
I declare. 

"This is freedom!"


Posted on May 8, 2016 .